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Release history v5.x
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Author:  alex [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Release history v5.x

- v5.0.3 -

- Filters created in the filter editor containing "Messages" are collections/sets/partials/singles can be now applied to the search service results view.

- Added option "Edit menu->Properties->Search/Import, Import, Program startup, Open Import group on (program) start".

- Expiration warning code was accidentally disabled, now it is working again with additional improvements.

- Small fixes.

- v5.0.2 -

- Fixed a problem with custom collections when the custom collection contained a relatively rare mix of headers (e.g. a single set with file numbers along with other files without file numbers). The problem was more prominent in v5.0+ and much less likely in earlier versions. Nevertheless the prior releases were updated as well.

- v5.0.1 -

- Updated the built-in kill filter.

- Bug found in the Rar 5.0 unrar code, when incorrect password, Rar with encrypted file names and delete files after successful unrar checked in properties - the downloaded files were deleted after the unsuccessful unrar. As the code was added long time ago in v4.6 and didn't change since then (the bug was never reported) - it also affects v4.7+ (upgraded from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4) and v4.9+ (upgraded from 4.9.7 to 4.9.8).

- v5.0 -

- Server bandwidth counters can now count beyond 4TB.

- Added the option "Reset bandwidth counters on program start" in the tasks menu.

- "Detect passworded rar files" option in edit menu->articles->properties has been now updated to work with the Rar v5.0 format.

- The group kill filter in edit menu->properties->search can be now disabled with a check box without deleting the filter expression itself.

- Added option to pause the console content update in the console context menu ("Pause"), so it is now possible to lock the current content and scroll the console when the content was changing too fast.

- Added built-in kill filter which discards known spam streams which are difficult to define in a regular filter. The filter can be disabled in edit menu->properties->kill filters, built-in kill filter. The filter can be updated on user requests followed by a minor release.

- Updated the default "Recoverable errors" edit control content in edit menu->properties->tasks, as the previous default expression didn't catch error messages when the connection limit was exceeded for some servers and realizing there is the need to change it manually is not so apparent.

- The search service code was significantly upgraded to work with more compact search service server side format, but for now it won't be engaged on the server side.

- Sometimes par2 sets in search results were shown incomplete while they were complete upon import headers.

- The options "Keep system on while the program is running / tasks are running" in the tasks menu were accidentally disabled starting with some previous version.

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