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X-Ufhash NNTP header query
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Author:  wisenetcat [ Thu Dec 05, 2019 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  X-Ufhash NNTP header query

Hi, all :)
I'v been using Usenet Explorer and posting on newsgroups/usenet and trying to figure out how to query the X-Ufhash NNTP header that returns a long encrypted string to get meaningfull info :?
X-Ufhash : ZaQJEMf5JdvcWEOleKoXo4ljK0hv5rauvinj9qfPFH9gkEPA9vOw7Jqtkzj1SWuX6Q8ZeGvPfoGqFZipnXALeUtU8QLJQ513NMFAEVrNG2z3xZ48ksSy%2BKsEFCn6UJps8tZrNOrMiMKF%2FNofAzkyepiHCjV5CTN9PZ%2BV54b86ugEh9hPoGwPMgxFJJ8naz5uHr%2BHog6zUm4qfvxfrhgiuz17g%2BMO07eqsGuJ

is there some kind of way to decode ? :?:
any ideas ? :?:

thank's in advance :)

Author:  alex [ Fri Dec 13, 2019 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: X-Ufhash NNTP header query

If to google your question it appears you were posting about that subject on many forums as developer, poster or user and there is no other mention elsewhere and some of your posts were removed.

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