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...v3.79 "no such article", buggy servers,solution
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Author:  alex [ Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  ...v3.79 "no such article", buggy servers,solution

i adopted newer code for the current layout since there was a number of reports about such a problem with different servers which don't process retrieving by message-id command correctly and require joining newsgroup first, in many cases their index is corrupted so they can process some articles but other fail, this release should resolve the problem.

as a bonus in header properties (context menu in the header view) you can see a newsgroup the article belongs to for xpat/import groups, to the right of the group name, no additional database storage has been used to keep it.

if you want for the information to enter the database (which is needed is you are using such a buggy server) you need to download headers for xpat groups/import nzb files again, it seems there is no need to reset the groups.

after the initial release two non-principal issues have been fixed (nothing more is expected), and a more clear error message added instead of just returning the last server error (e.g. "no such group" is misleading when downloading an article).

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