Filters - need help

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Filters - need help

Post by olav »

How can I filter away all posts like


Periodically newsgroups are filled with similar posts.

I have tried with some filters like


without success

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Re: Filters - need help

Post by alex »

Are those posts around 5 years old with .par2 and .rar files?

Subject: fa01c6876b55165543bd6edd [23/32] - "fa01c6876b55165543bd6edd.sfv" yEnc (1/1)
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.flowed,alt.binaries.swedish,alt.binaries.jph

Then maybe to try

* [{0-9}*/*] - \"*

if it will select messages close enough to purge them manually.

If the posts are crossposted to certain newsgroups even if you are not subscribed to them you can try to use the custom section of wildmats.txt in the UE database settings directory in addition to the filter above to reliably filter out future messages, for example for the post above:

1sn<tab>* [{0-9}*/*] - \"*<tab>alt.binaries.flowed,alt.binaries.swedish,alt.binaries.jph

1 is the filter type (always 1), s means subject, n means newsgroups,<tab> means the tab character.

If something is not clear just ask with a concrete example. The functionality was transferred from the server filter and the situation is rather volatile, so there is no robust documentation.
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