Newsgroup list

   To get newsgroup list use the following entry in the context menu:

   Newsgroup list contains the number of articles on a server and the time when each newsgroup was locally added. The green icon means that the newsgroup list for a particular server has been fully retrieved. The <#> sign is located inside exactly one entry - a server or the newsgroup list entry. When it is in the newsgroup list entry - the 'articles' column contains the maximal number of articles for newsgroup in question among servers, although while retrieving newsgroups the number reflects the number on a server - the list is adjusted in the end of the operation, but it also can be done manually in any time using the 'set in "articles" max number of articles' menu entry from the previous picture.

   The property entry can be used to learn what servers contain a newsgroup and how many articles are on each server.

   Suppose we want to find out what newsgroups certain server contains. First we can set the "articles" column to show the number of articles on the server.

   n/a means that newsgroup is not present on the server. Notice that the '<#>' sign moved to the server. We can also extract newsgroups that can be found on the server by invoking the select dialog and pressing the extract button.

   When we delete a server or detach a server from the newsgroup list - its newgroups will be deleted if not available on other servers depending on the "Del entries with no servers from ng list" entry in properties->general, unchecked by default since some servers don't show all newsgroups and better the list to contain all entries. Still when the reset entry in the context menu is invoked - such newsgroups are always deleted. To delete entries with no servers the following entry in the context menu should be invoked: