Partial messages

   There is no importance from which newsserver a part of a partial message is taken. So the more newsservers that have a newsgroup in question we have - the less chance of missing parts.
   Icons associated with partial messages are designated with a light-green color. All usual operations can be applied to such an entry. By default the program hides all partial messages with missing parts.

   Partial messages represented as meta-entries - if necessary the support can be switched off and they can be reassembled manually in the case of reposts of missing parts:

   Since a single newsserver may provide only limited bandwidth - as a rool different parts of a partial message will be taken from different newsservers.

   The remove multiple spaces from subject option may help when subjects for different parts differ only in spaces. However newsgroups with partial messages should be reset when it is changed and some incomplete messages are present, because we may get half parts with spaces removed and another half with all spaces remaining, so that such partial messages won't be shown. For the registered version it should be checked: