Concept of the virtual newsserver

   There is no importance from what newsserver a message is taken - every Usenet message has unique message-id, so it is the same on every server.
   Newsservers exchange messages but not every message arrives to every server and due to space limitation messages may be rejected, deleted, lost. The common problem is missing parts of partial messages.
   Servers may be temporarily or permanently out of service or experience crashes or overload.
   Servers may impose restrictions on number of connection or provide limited bandwith.
   The only solution is to track a big number of newsservers in transparent for users manner. The program supports up to 255 newsservers.

   Here we can see a newsgroup that has multiple newsservers. Headers are gathered from many sources and represented in one window. If the same header comes from different servers - it is shown as one line, but the program remembers all newsservers the message can be found for alternative downloading.