Watch&AutoSave - step by step guide

Creating filters
   Here is a filter that will extract all messages with the subject containing 'bach' as whole word. Notice that the 'action' is 'extract' and not 'select', filters with 'select' in the last line won't work properly (no problem to use 'select' in other lines).

   You can check what messages a filter will extract by applying it to a newsgroup: just invoke the message filter dialog, press the 'open' button and click the filter.

   Here is another filter for extracting all messages.

Linking filters to newsgroups
   To link filters to a newsgroup - open the properties dialog, the watch/auto pane. Select the newsgroup in question and press the add button. Select necessary filters. They will appear in the filter list for that newsgroup.
   Notice also that the Watch and Save radio buttons are checked for the group to enable watch/save respectively and the buttons in the Common setting are checked too to enable them in general (i.e. for all newsgroups that have the buttons checked).

   Filters are examined in the order and the first matched filter will be used. To change the order use the 'order' buttons with arrows. When the match was found - the article will be scheduled for downloading with the priority set for the matched filter.
   Since the filter that will match all articles will be always chosen when it is on the first place - the order has been changed. Also the bach filter priority was set to 8 - by typing 8 in the priority edit box and pressing the 'set' button.

Setting save directories
   To set a save directory - select a filter and press the browse button. Then after downloading attachments matched for the filter (in this newsgroup) will be saved to this directory.

   In the same way a directory for saving attachments matched with the all filter is selected.

How all that will work
   While getting new headers - all arriving headers are checked against watch filters and when the match is found - they will be scheduled for download with consequent saving if a save directory was defined for the matched filter.
   If auto get headers is on the program will periodically get new headers automatically and so will constantly monitor newsgroups in question.
   There might be up to 5 minutes delay between download completing and actual saving of attachments, since the program checks for completed downloads every 5 minutes.