Usenet Explorer


New users please check out selected topics.

When upgrading or switching from trial to registered version - your previous settings/database will remain intact, you only need to replace the executable.

v6+ are capable of running 7z command line to unpack 7z or zip files automatically, you can download it here.
To create par2 files when posting binaries the program needs the updated Par2CmdLine utility, you can download it here.

Running QuickPar repair along with UE unpack concurrently may corrupt the files which are being repaired.
The 64 bit version doesn't have inherent memory allocation limit of a 32 bit process, so it allows to load more headers simultaneously.
The search protocol doesn't change arbitrarily, but access to the search service requires at least v5.8.3 (see v5.x release notes).
If you see the program tagged as false positive or similar by an antivirus please contact support.

Selected releases for registered users:

Latest: v6.0.3 (64/32) Prior: v5.9+ (64/32) v4.9+ (64/32) v3.7+ (64/32) v2.9+ (64/32) v1.9+ (32)