Registration or Online Sales Advice?

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Registration or Online Sales Advice?

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Hi. I found Usenet Explorer because I was using another
newreader that "called home" to check registration periodically
with annoying side-effects. So I was drawn by the "no registry" "no
online activation" aspects of this newsreader. I'm enjoying using
it very much. The online search service is an unexpected bonus.
Now I'm kind of glad that other program pissed me off or I
wouldn't have searched and found UE. :)

The reason for my post is I'm getting ready to sell a
non-competing(as in nothing to do with news or even online
anything) Windows utility program. I'm curious if anyone here does
software development and perhaps has some advice concerning copy
prevention without hassling the paid user, hosting of sales without
being ripped off etc..

Or even just some links to good info on the subject would be
appreciated. The utility I'm looking to sell would be in the
$10 or less category so I'm trying to keep it simple. :)
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