Import Header stage is disabled

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Import Header stage is disabled

Post by ededed »

I cant download nuthing

some sort of trail restriction?? wtf?

what sort of trial is a non functioning program, its useless like this.
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Post by alex »

upon introduction of the service the import stage was enabled for a more than year, but the trial load on search service was steadily increasing without any apparent explanation, then when i checked web log of check for trial version update requests (it is just reading a web page which contains the latest version number from UE website) i saw a lot of same ip addresses which used trial over many months, in short just reused the trial.

then i disabled import stage so registered users won't be affected.

i can enable it temporarily for trial if requested, but as import stage works flawlessly there is nothing to test there, if you see results the enabled import stage is guarantied to work.

as far as i know the same case is with other programs which offer similar service. some are limiting search results in one way or another, but if not all search results are shown that may prevent trial users from seeing deficiencies in search service coverage.

in short confirm you need it i'll enable it temporarily for trial.
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