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I've recently discovered the world of, umm, for lack of a term, i'll use the popular site, warez rapidshare downloading. Rapidshare being just one of many storage sites. I'm pretty sure you probably know how the system works but i'll highlight what it's about anyway.

a person becomes a member of a forum where people post links to storage sites.

now the reason i'm talking to you is that I smell a software client you might want to write to facilitate the downloading from the various storage sites. getting a premium account on every storage site is not cost effective. that means we must use the free download portion. These free links are filled with delays and some for whatever reason have security features.

a few days ago i found an app that allows queuing of files for rapidshare. it will handle the delay bullshit. all i need to do is add my links.
It's basic, it's bare, it works well but only for rapidshare.

so I'm thinking if you made an app like this that can handle all the storage sites you'll have another product in your company. this app is on version 4 which to me indicates a solid need.

based on the number of storage sites and warez forums providing links I think this market is as large as usenet. maybe larger.

since this app is along the same lines as UE I figured I should say something.

anyway thats my 2 cents which i hope you run with. put me on the beta test list :)

delete this after you read it. no need to keep it public.
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