Release history v4.x

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Release history v4.x

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Release history v5.x

- v4.9.7 -

- Improved handling of XOVER input containing illegal tab characters when downloading headers.

- Adjustment was made for the unrar order when the subtitles file contains rar file with the same name as the main rar file.

- When invoking search launching other tasks (downloading headers/bodies) could be affected.

- When processing corrupted par2 files sometimes not all repair blocks were detected.

- In the delete history dialog the delete whole history button didn't clear unrar passwords.

- Prior releases were recomplied after applying relevant fixes.

- v4.9.6 -

- Removed limit when storing certain message-ids which are created in a form non-compliant with the NNTP message-id format rules (the prior limit was up to 255 within the same partial), at least one posting program doesn't follow the rules when posting par2 files.

- Fixed problem in the previous version with sets in search, when in rare cases newsgroups weren't filled up correctly.

- Fixed problem with sets in general, including client side of search, when rare input didn't parse correctly. Server side wasn't affected.

- Irrelevant search service configuration will be deleted from the previously double purpose group kill filter edit control in edit menu->properties->search/import, if it is found there.

- v4.9.5 -

- Refined the reset search service configuration option in edit menu->properties->search/import, now without confusing double purpose use of the "Group kill filter" edit control.

- The "Show only files matching filter by default" option in edit menu->properties->general was only associated with collections, grayed out when collections disabled. The collections/sets options area is now rearranged and the option works with sets even when collections are disabled.

- Added the "Enable sets always" option in edit menu->properties->search/import and revised UE search service views and internals code, all relevant to planned search service side update.

- Fixed small problem when matching existing partials with newly downloaded parts.

- Other internals changes and optimizations.

- v4.9.4 -

- Handling of malformed yenc posts with wrong size field by unknown buggy poster program starting around a month ago.

- Improved grouping of collection subjects.

- v4.9.3 -

- In the unpack view unrar password can now be set for a selection, not just the current entry.

- Fixed wrong size of collections in search views containing sets larger than 4GB.

- v4.9.2 -

- Promptly fixed the search view "Select related headers" option (context menu) and Find next/previous match functionality (Ctrl+F, Find) which were broken or didn't work completely after adding sets to the search view in v4.9.1.

- v4.9.1 -

- The sets option has been now added to the search service results views, it is fully customizable like in the newsgroup views (in the meantime the option is confined to the UE code only, with the same input/results from the search service servers as before).

- Added option in edit menu->properties->search/import which allows to define nzb import folder or no import folder per import group, instead of the single import folder permanently associated with the default import group. Additional import groups can be added like any other newsgroup.

- The program code has been synchronized with later internals development which took place in parallel, so it includes all optimizations and fixes known.

- v4.9 -

- Internal optimizations.

- Fixed very rare problem when article size was miscalculated.

- Fixed "(null)" file name when posting single attachments (caused by the last revision of the poster code).

- v4.8.1 -

- The built-in poster code has been revised, so files larger than 4GB can now be posted without splitting into volumes. When upgrading to this version ensure there are no any queued post tasks, since the task storing format has been changed to accomodate 64 bit file offsets (the posted messages view has not been affected).

- The external Par2 command line utility code which is called by UE to create par2 files has been revised, since the official version is not able to process files larger than 2GB correctly. UE will verify whether the utility is up to date and will prompt the user to upgrade if not. The revised version can be downloaded here.

- Message-id hash function has been refined to optimally handle message-ids formatted not according to the rules by non-comliant poster programs.

- The "Reclaim purged" headers setting in "Edit menu->Properties->Newsgroups" will now persist between sessions.

- v4.8 -

- Unrar password history option has been added in the Set unrar password dialog. The history can be selectively or entirely deleted in "Edit menu->Delete history". If the option is unchecked the dialog won't store the entered password. In addition when the password has been already entered previously for the unpack task (indicated with asterisk) it will be shown in the dialog; if there was no prior password and the history is enabled the most recent password from the history will be suggested.

- Support for blacklisted posters in search service views: added options in the context menu "Blacklist selected posters" like in newsgroup views and "Hide blacklisted posters" (in search service views blacklisted posters can always be shown). In "Edit menu->Properties->Search/Import, Blacklisted posters" the combo box has been added to define the initial setting.

- Added separate read timeout setting for the search service requests "Edit menu->Properties->Tasks->Sockets/Network, Timeout, Read (Search)".

- Eliminated last search request delay after search service configuration has been changed on the server side.

- A poster program has been reported which formats message-ids not according to the rules; for this kind of input UE was considering some parts as duplicates resulting in incompletes. Prior releases were recomplied as well to handle this condition.

- v4.7 -

- The former "Clear history" option has been refined, now "Edit menu->Delete history" shows a dialog with options to delete history either selectively or everything at once as before.

- Refined code when new headers are marked read. Added explicit option in "Edit menu->Properties->General, Newsgroups, Mark headers old on mark read". Prior code wasn't always consistently marking headers old although it was the intention. The option is checked by default. With the option unchecked read and new attributes are completely separated internally. Added another color in "Edit menu->Fonts and Colors" (shade of green by default, the color can be customized by the user) to show headers which possess both read and new attributes; in the prior code those headers were just shown as read, even as they also correctly appeared with filters set to show new messages.

- Search service number of retries option added in edit menu->properties->search/import. It is two by default, three attempts total - prior to the option there were no retries.

- When the search service configuration update is triggered by a search server the program has now the capability to perform the update bypassing the website.

- Revised code of pseudo random generator which may result in faster loading of large newsgroups.

- The option added in v4.6 to force search service configuration update when search failed on all servers sometimes was mistakenly triggered when in fact search failed only on some servers, apart from the misleading error message the program would also try to update search service configuration unnecessarily.

- Adopted RAR 5 package added in v4.6 seems to work ok, no complaints and no changes have been made.

- v4.6 -

- Added selectable nzb drop folder option (edit menu->properties->search/import, nzb files, import folder)

- Full, customizable RAR 5 format support (edit menu->properties->save/unpack, unrar). RAR 5 format allows multicore unrar and larger dictionaries up to 4GB. So the options are multicore unrar and limiting unrar memory usage, it is recommended to limit unrar memory usage for 32 bit version or if your computer has less than 8GB RAM, both options are enabled by default.

- The progress of unrar of individual files is now shown as well.

- Added search service fault tolerancy by removing third party dynamic dns references from the code; also in case dynamic dns service goes down completely UE will now try to update search service configuration instead of just returning error, past versions only handled partial failures.

- Fixed a website glitch, when v4.x versions didn't check for updates even if check for updates was enabled.

- v4.5 -

- Added remote DNS resolution proxy option (edit menu->properties->proxies)

- Sets code optimizations


- Unrar password wasn't always taken into account after toggling detect passworded rar files option
- Rarely complete par2 sets were shown as incompete
- Fixed rare problem when marking sets for download
- While posting few parts could be lost after program restart

- v4.4 -

- The 'Edit menu->Properties->Articles->Optimize mark articles for download order' option has been revised for sets. When checked (default) - the files will be sorted not by sets, but by the file numbers within the same collection (file numbers in the subject look like e.g. [1/90], [2/90] etc.), so the par2 recovery files will be normally marked for download after the data files; the option will also reposition par2 set recovery files even when there are no file numbers. That prevents par2 repair from engaging too early e.g. when data files are misnamed. One should remember that there is also the 'Par2 menu->Mark par2 recovery files for download last' option, but it is more drastic - when several collections are marked for download simultaneously and par2 repair is needed - it will be delayed until all data files from all collections have been downloaded.

- Several small fixes.

- v4.1 to v4.3 -

- Sets interface and performance improvements.

- Fixed a problem when par2 .vol files weren't marked for download with sets enabled and 'mark par2 recovery files for download last' checked.

- Fixed a rare problem with custom collections causing afterwards a header status to be shown incorrectly.

- When importing .rxx set through nzb or from search serivce sometimes .rar file wasn't marked for download first.

- Unrar autorename option wasn't effective because of overlooked statement in the third party unrar code.

- When a search view scrolled to the very bottom switching view tabs could cause it to scroll a little bit up by itself.

- v4.0 -


- Sets were introduced which result in significantly lower RAM usage and faster newsgroup load. See the Sets description for details.

- The size limit of the per group cnt.dat file which contains message-ids and other load on demand data has been increased from 32GB to 256GB.

- When the program is not exited properly - the newsgroups maintain integrity and don't need repair.

- To provide those new features - the database has slightly different format, existing database is converted on per newsgroup basis, see download page for details.

Other changes

- Custom collections improvements: the 'set as current' collection now persists between sessions; additional menu option to add files to 'set as current' collection directly without the dialog box; when entering a custom collection the 'set as current' collection check box in the dialog box is checked.

- Greatly improved preserving view position when toggling threads/sets/collections.

- Collection or set state more precisely reflects the containing files states.

- Added help explanations regarding max.groups and header tasks RAM limit settings in edit menu->properties->tasks, see the '?' buttons near the options.

The full release notes of 3.9+ (RC) versions which preceeded v4.0 you can find here.

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