v3.9+ (RC) development history

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v3.9+ (RC) development history

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These were Release Candidate v3.9+ (RC) versions which preceeded v4.0

- 3.9.5 (RC) -

- Custom collections refined: the 'set as current' collection now persists between sessions; additional menu option to add files to 'set as current' collection directly without the dialog box; when entering a custom collection the 'set as current' collection check box in the dialog box is checked.

- Sets or collections "new" state more precisely reflect their containing files states.

- Significantly improved preserving view position when toggling threads/sets/collections.

- Fixed view inconsistency/lacking entries when adding/deleting set files into/from custom collections with show sets off and "sets only as a whole in custom collections" in properties checked.

- v3.9.4 (RC) -

- Added a set option in edit menu->properties->general, "Sets only as a whole in custom collections". The option is enabled by default. Instead of individual files the containing set will be added to the custom collection. The option also adjusts custom collections in this way on newsgroup opening or when converting from versions without set support.

- Fixed condition when few auto collections and maybe sets were hidden from newsgroup view when custom collections enabled.

- When an auto collection or set have some files in a custom collection, but still present separatedly in the view - a small magenta arrow to the left of the (auto collection or set) entry icon indicates that. Then by disabling custom collections in the view you can see all files under the (auto collection or set) entry. But in prior (RC) versions the arrow was also mistakenly drawn to the left of every custom collection entry without any reason, this is fixed now.

- v3.9.3 (RC) -

- When 'show incomplete partials' toolbar was unchecked, sometimes sets or collections fully comprised of incomplete partials were shown empty instead of hidden from the view.

- Added help explanations regarding max.groups and header tasks RAM limit settings in edit menu->properties->tasks, see the '?' buttons near the options.

- Fixed a problem with some rare subjects.

- Fixed a problem opening newsgroups after unchecking 'Enable sets' in properties->general and restarting.

- v3.9.2 (RC) -

- Fixed introduced problem in v3.9.1 when sets sometimes couldn't be expanded

- The program will remember whether the set is expanded or collapsed between sessions

- v3.9.1 (RC) -

- Custom collections were refined when applied to sets. When individual set files are added to custom collections (not whole sets) - the files will not be unloaded to the disk and their association with the custom collection won't be lost. Fixed a problem when sometimes sets with files added to custom collections or custom collections weren't shown in view when they were supposed to be there.

- The "show files" toolbar button was disabled when both auto and custom collections toolbar buttons were depressed.

- Sets belonging to collections were unnecessarily expanded when collections were toggled on and off.

- Fixed collection function, file names which end with '.0' to '.9' are now included into the collection.

- v3.9 (RC) -

- Sets were introduced which result in significantly lower RAM usage and faster newsgroup load. See Sets description for details.

- The size limit of the per group cnt.dat file which contains message-ids and other load on demand data has been increased from 32GB to 256GB.

- When the program is not exited properly - the newsgroups maintain integrity and don't need repair.

- To provide those new features - the database has slightly different format, existing database is converted on per newsgroup basis, see download page for details.
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