different search engine (index service)

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different search engine (index service)

Post by dxcarnadi »

Hi all

I tell you about my experience concerning search engine.

My test/search object is a very old movie from the year 195x .. usenet age = 300 days.
My usenet provider is Easynews.

NZBsearch cannot find it.
Binsearch can find it but incomplete.
Easynews (web-based interface / HTTP connection) cannot find it!

UE index service found it and delivered the whole avi-file after 20 minutes download ... from Easynews-server!

Why Easynews HTTP cannot find it, although it has the whole data of that old movie?
I got no explanation from Easynews-support.
Can someone explain it? Thank you.
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Re: different search engine (index service)

Post by alex »

Easynews doesn't have good header feed maybe, the same applies to some other providers. Frequently the header retention is limited, but they keep higher retention for article bodies.

Decent header feed you can get from Astraweb or Giganews, maybe (not sure about boneless) Readnews (resold by Ngroups).

The opposite is also possible, headers may be complete, but article bodies are lacking due to takedown notice or the provider irrecoverably lost the data because of hard drive failures.
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