Format of cnt.dat file

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Format of cnt.dat file

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I don't need this information any more.

I found that I can export the headers to an NZB file. Iwrote a Python program to create a small NZB containing just <file> tag for the .rar. Than can be downloaded and inspected to determine the true file name.

I can post the Python 3.6 source if its of any interest.

Is the format of the cnt.dat file available.

I would like to parse the file and analyze the contents to find which posts I wish to download.

Specifically, alt.binaries.teevee has many posts with obfuscated subjects. From a cursory look at the cnt.dat file it appears that the file names are somehow included. I would like to parse the cnt.dat, associate subject with file name, and download those of interest.

Suggestions or help please?

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