You must be kidding me! ATtA

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You must be kidding me! ATtA

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Newspro, ah I like that software!
It looks like "une usine à gaz" in French, a kinda complex machine with lots of options that do lots of things with some steam.
But still I was happy with it since 2001.

Time pass and you do things differently...

Now I use it mostly for posting stuffs and to reply some threads becose I'm what some call a MIPS impaired (PIII 650Mhz) so every open/filter/unfilter,
even the find function could take quite some time in terms of minutes and memory since I like the virtual newsgroup concept.

So recently I followed that link to UE and without reading much (... didn't know it was from Alex) I discovered that this software really looks like Newpro.

So I tested it and find out that it was from Alex and I was like :
You must be kidding me! (hehe :lol: )

The memory consumption and the processing time of the core-engine is just unbelievable,
even with the same complex setup of virtual newsgroups that contains other virtual groups I had in Newpro.

Ok first I was deceived coz I notice that when I open a multi-part picture it could display it incorreclty, but with the "Fast open article (from 1st part)" deselected it's okay 8)
Second the "flickering" of the refreshing text is a little bit annoying but I'm just amazed by the general speed!
Even the posting section got a useful retry option!

So this is Another Thanks to Alex :wink:

It's a tremendous piece of code u achieved!
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