A news server with some indexing/search concerns

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A news server with some indexing/search concerns

Post by laitier87 »

I am, for some months now, using Yottanews as my main server. I think their 120$/year unlimited account is a good deal.
A week ago their thruput became very weak, so I went to their system status page (http://www.yottanews.com/status.html) looking for some explanation and discovered some fresh ideas. They were moving to a new -home made- system with more power and interesting new features like meta groups on the server. After some very bad days with zero Kb/s things are resuming now and I tested their meta.mp3 group, funny it is.
I don't fully understand how much such ideas could "cooperate" with Alex -remarquable- work but, despite my poor english and poorest usenet knowledge, I feel that something could happen... Who wants to look at ?
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Post by alex »

i guess it is a heavy solution on the provider side, as to the indexing server it is a light program much simpler than a client, i can use any usenet provider as a header source.

if the service didn't prove reliable in the past i wouldn't go for an yearly package, usually troubles don't suddenly go away.
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