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Registration Key

Post by stordoff »

Hi, I just purchased Usenet Explorer, but have not received my registration key. Please can this be sent to me

Stephen Tordoff
Josef K
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Post by Josef K »

If you only just bought a key, you'll get it soon enough. The key is not an automatic process - it's manually created and sent. If you're still in the trial period then just continue. Alex will send the key as soon as he's able to. Maybe it's bedtime in his part of the world right now...
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Post by alex »

In this particular case it seems email didn't arrive (filtered out as spam by the email server), usually keys are sent fast.

Maybe I also will make it to send a temporary working serial right away and send the main key later, the complication is I'm using two registration services, the second one I added because they don't charge EU-VAT so it is 20% savings for users with EU delivery address, so it is a bit complicated to send keys automatically with this arrangement, but with temporary key it would be a possible workaround.
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