help in getting a part..

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help in getting a part..

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I'm pulling more then a few files from astraweb around day 190.
for most files they are complete. However a few are missing just 1 part.
Worse yet, they do not have a par set. Arg! that lousy .1% has got me on five files that I don't really want to give up as they are part of a season package.

I tried teranews freebie to no results. besides getting a temp account with giganews I thought maybe someone out there might know of a server that has a trial period or some other method to get the missing part into UE. it be nice if could avoid using and canceling trial accounts. this type of thing happens often enough I'll run out of companies.

group i need is ab.documentaries.

does your server have retention that far back and has a trial period?

I'm more then willing to form partnerships to help others in a situation like this get the few parts they need. i'm able to run a news server. any takers? maybe your able to pull the file i need and send me a par?
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