any good alternative to newsfeeds?

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any good alternative to newsfeeds?

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"To All Inc Subscribers We want to thank you for your patronage, but after 12 years of providing Usenet access it is with regret that we will shutting our doors today. We will be providing refunds until the end of August. If you have signed up with an account at in the past 30 days and require a refund please send your request to our support department Sincerely Newsfeed."

what quality budget usenet provider would you recommend?
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Re: any good alternative to newsfeeds?

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candice wrote:what quality budget usenet provider would you recommend?
I've been using Astaweb for some time and I'm very happy with them, I get great speed (My max 2MBytes/s) and great retention soon 365 days.

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check ngroups and astraweb links from the UE website, they both lead to discounted plans (those are not referral links to earn comission), i'm using them as search service feed for years without problems.

as to newsfeeds it is pretty sad, they were a popular provider around 6 years ago, but then they were slow - it took years - to introduce the unlimited plan popular with other providers and i think they lost many users back then, but most likely it may have something to do with the fact they are the same provider as which had lost the lawsuit in the beginning of July, normally one would expect they will shut down their servers, but keep the site and sell their brand to another provider like it was the case with easynews and newshosting or will stay as reseller.
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A few months ago I tracerouted usenet/newsfeeds and I was surprised that it originated at Highwinds servers, so it's possible that they sold their servers and became resellers of Highwinds sometime during the lawsuit. They were reported to have very low retention anyway (except for the MP3 groups - a fact noted by RIAA lawyers) especially on big groups like boneless.
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