Search/Import not look at existing headers

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Search/Import not look at existing headers

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It seems to me, that when I do a Search, then select headers to download and save, that UE peeks at headers in existing groups, then download those.

I'd rather download strictly from the Search.

Here's why: I just tried to down load an audiobook from an existing group I had headers for - but it had a lot of partials and couldn't get enough to get the whole post. My hope was that if I did a Search, one - it might find the book in a cross posted group, or two it might get a better list, a more complete set of headers. ...but when I clicked to download and save, it used the existing items from the headers I'd already been trying.

Now I have no idea if if the Search would actually get a better, more complete set of headers, but I would have liked it to try.

thanks, Larry
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