Dear Alex...

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Dear Alex...

Post by Agrippa »

Just a quick post to say thanks for what HAS to be by far and away the best newsclient on the planet. I've been using it for close to a year now and probably only utilise a 30th or so of the available features. Although I would dearly love a good manual, it's amazing how such a feature-packed program can be so simple to use even for a novice like me. Thanks in no small part to you, I have a seriously eclectic music collection and a steadily growing collection of movies. Great stuff, keep it up!!

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Post by MikeStammer »

a manual you say? Check this out:

Everything you need to know is there, specifically here:
Mike Stammer
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Post by rveupen »

I would like to second Agrippa's comment to Alex. Only difference is that I am only been a user of NewsPro for about 4days now and already i think it is the best Newsclient out there.

Still gotta get a few things lined up but I just had to get that out!

Keep up the excellent work Alex!
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Post by dengle »

has the manual been mirrored anywhere? I noticed mike stammer's link to it is not working.

its still up!!

Post by Guest »


drop the :81 and its all good

sorry about that:

Post by Crazyapple »

Just repeating other comments - This program is really fantastic. Bough it within moments of trying it and have recommended it to people all over the place.
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Post by hholland »

So Mike..... you going to start on Usenet Explorer now?
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