Usenet Explorer

Usenet Explorer indexing service

The Usenet Explorer indexing service is an in-house server application intergrated with Usenet Explorer only.

Not every usenet provider has an adequate stable header feed, even if it does - some headers may be missing. To solve this problem headers are fed from three high quality newsservers to provide higher completion rate which would reliably cover every other existing usenet provider as well. Currently the following providers are used:

  • Astraweb
  • Giganews
  • NGroups
  • Comparing to other usenet indexing services which only can search by subject and have limited narrowing newsgroup set options UE native service allows to search for subject and/or author with defining match newsgroup pattern (also through exclusion - boolean wildmats contain the negation operator); in addition there is group kill filter in Usenet Explorer properties to exclude from the search any post belonging to at least one newsgroup matching the kill filter.

    Search patterns are not just substrings or wildcards but, optionally, boolean wildmats - for all subject, author, group and group kill filter fields which allows to run advanced searches.

    It is not only possible to look for the last n days but you can also define date or day range for returned results.

    The indexing server code doesn't contain any user logging capability, communication is encrypted (truly encrypted for registered users if serial kept private), so accesses are secure and anonymous.

    The server only automatically processes newsserver header feeds, the sole purpose is to exactly reflect newsserver content through indexing without modifying it, giving the categorizing option to users instead, who can set their individual preferences through the narrowing newsgroup set options.